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John Reid family

Whether you're a seasoned ancestor-hunter or a novice to family history research, Gene Genie Scotland can provide the service which best suits your needs:

Individually customised professional research:

Using Statutory Registers of Births, Marriages & Deaths, Old Parish Registers, Census Records and a host of lesser-known sources, I will conduct searches based on your individual research brief. Contact me with your requirements in order to receive a no-obligation quote.

One-to-one guided research:

If you live in North-East Scotland and need help to get started on your own genealogy project, I can point you in the right direction. In a short individual guidance session you will learn to use the online sources most appropriate for your research and receive a personalised follow-up plan to enable you to continue independently. Get in touch with me to make an appointment.

Transcription & interpretation of old manuscripts:

With expertise in both Latin and palaeography, I can offer help in deciphering apparently incomprehensible documents. Send me a copy of your source material and I will provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Scottish homecoming visits:

When you visit your ancestral homeland from overseas, it's important to get maximum benefit (and enjoyment!) from your stay in Scotland. Let me help you plan your itinerary, focusing on the places relevant to your personal ancestral trail and your own interests. Contact me to begin the preparations for your discovery tour.

All the above services are offered at a reasonable hourly rate. Get in touch with me to discuss your requirements and I'll provide you with an estimate.