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Pupils at Crossroads school, Grange about 1920

Gene Genie Scotland researcher Alison Smith has been hooked on family history since the dark ages when gathering records required a personal visit to gloomy archives. With roots extending deep into the heart of the farming and fishing communities of North-East Scotland, it was a logical step to join ANESFHS, whose dedicated research centre in Aberdeen was the first in the country to establish a collection of material specifically for the study of genealogy.

Since those early days there have been exciting opportunities to get involved with projects aimed at making records more accessible to everyone:

More recently, practical experience has been complemented by academic study and the award of an M Litt Degree in Family & Local History. Advanced palaeographical skills and a thorough grounding in Latin are indisputable assets when it comes to interpreting early manuscripts. What's more, you can count on receiving a well-presented research report in clear, correct English from a researcher with previous experience as a multi-lingual PA.

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